Wilshire Hospitality is a boutique consultancy

providing current and potential developers, lenders, owners, and operators an insider’s perspective on the complexities of successfully operating hospitality-driven real estate ventures throughout North + Latin America.


Wilshire Hospitality strives to assume an active role in each of its projects to ensure efficient communications throughout the planning and development process and, ultimately, through the successful implementation and execution of the investment/operating plan. With a diversity of experience in hotel, restaurant and real estate investment, development, and management, the Principals have gained complementary skills as people managers, creative thinkers and problem solvers who can deliver value to clients.

Development Planning
  • Site Selection and Acquisition
    Due Diligence
  • Preliminary Project Programming and Facilities Planning 
  • Product Conceptualization
    and Operational Preparation 
  • Brand/Operator Selection
    and Contract Negotiation/Restructuring 
Asset Management
  • Periodic Operational Reviews and Budget Development
  • Yield Management Strategy
  • Rebranding/Repositioning Advisory
Strategic Advisory
  • Capital Markets Advisory
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Conceptual Development
  • SOP Development and
    Operational Analysis
  • Menu Planning and
    Cost Engineering
  • Principal Ownership and Management


After a career that has spanned 15+ years of focused hospitality experience, Adam Shindler launched Wilshire Hospitality to act as a partner of and trusted advisor to real estate investment firms, professional service providers, hotel and restaurant operators, and developers of hospitality-driven real estate projects. 

With experience in project underwriting and execution, cash flow modeling, market research and due diligence, and while maintaining valuable relationships with worldwide real estate investors, brokers, developers, and other strategic organizations, WH provides its clients with an insider’s perspective on hospitality operational and transactional platforms.

wh insider

Having spent a lifetime in the hospitality industry, Mr. Shindler has been exposed to and been a part of nearly all facets of the business that is hotels and restaurants.  From advisory engagements to operational oversight and management to ownership and related matters, he has developed a keen sense of the vast web of interconnected parties and individuals that make up the industry.  This insider’s perspective grows more valuable over time and the complexities of operating successful ventures increases in lock step – it can be a confusing and mangled world. 

WH Insider is a resource/tool for colleagues and service professionals alike to have both current market information, as well as learning tools to better familiarize oneself with the nuances of the industry.  The goal is to have a more informed, more progressive thinking population of active participants, users, consumers, providers and service professionals with whom Wilshire can share in the constant transformation and advancement of the hospitality industry.

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